Wit & Wisdom from the
Students of Daniel Light

Daniel Light

Louisville, Kentucky

Teaching piano is my passion and my career. Students frequently delight me with their comments--often hilarious, sometimes witty, occasionally sweet and tender. Here are some of those gems. 

Excuses, Excuses

“Sometimes I just want to lie on the couch and watch TV.”

–1st grader, on why she hadn’t practiced.

“Sometimes I have grooming issues.”

–8th grader, on why he can’t always practice piano before school

“I’m going to Vegas. Can’t promise I’ll practice piano there. Obviously, the Chippendales are more fun.”

–adult student

“Our piano is so old, it’s like . . . brown.”

–8th grader

“I had to pick up sticks and dog poop last night, so I couldn’t practice.”

–8th grader

“I can’t come to performance class tomorrow. I have to spend 8 hours at a church retreat, contemplating my sins.”

–8th grader

“I think there’s a curse on your house that makes me play badly.”

–7th grader

“My brain is too filled with Jack things.”

–Jack, on why he couldn’t focus

“My leg was itching. That’s why I couldn’t focus!”

–7th grader

“I couldn’t practice much this week. I had to unpack from my trip.”

–15 year old male

“Mr. Light, My brain can only hold so much, and piano only gets 1/100th of the space.”

–7th grader

“I didn’t practice because we had important things to do, like Camp Hi-Ho and TV watching.”

–4th grader

“I can’t play quiet because the metronome is loud.”

–9th grader

“It was a snow day!

–9th grader