Wit & Wisdom from the
Students of Daniel Light

Daniel Light

Louisville, Kentucky

Teaching piano is my passion and my career. Students frequently delight me with their comments--often hilarious, sometimes witty, occasionally sweet and tender. Here are some of those gems. 

Good Vibrations

“You’re more fun than my first teacher. She was kind of . . . serious.”

–3rd grader

“I can play ‘Baby Shark’ in seven keys.”

–4th grader

“You’re in for a treat tonight, Mr. Light.”

–8th grader who had practiced every day of the week

“We had a dance Friday night, and I somehow managed to get a girlfriend while there. ”

–7th grader

“You made it sound like The Piano Guys!”

–2nd grader, at the end of a “Jingle Bells” duet with improvised accompaniment

“It’s over already? Either that was really short, or something is very wrong here.”

–8th grader, at being surprised his lesson was over

“That was magical!”

–11th grader, at successfully navigating a large leap by following my instructions

“You wanna hear something super crazy? I can play Hungry Herbie Hippo from memory!”

–1st grader

“My world has changed.”

–8th grader, at comprehending the diatonic chord system

“Get ready to have your socks blown off.”

–7th grader

“Four of my classmates want to marry me.”


“Today is the best day of my life! My friend invited me to go to Thunder over Louisville!”

–2nd grader

“My dream has come true! I get to play Mashed Potato Clouds.”

–2nd grader

“Allow me to show you how it’s done.”

–7th grader, feeling confident