Wit & Wisdom from the
Students of Daniel Light

Daniel Light

Louisville, Kentucky

Teaching piano is my passion and my career. Students frequently delight me with their comments--often hilarious, sometimes witty, occasionally sweet and tender. Here are some of those gems. 

Inquiring Minds . . .

“Mr. Light, what’s your first name?”

“You know my first name!”


–2nd grader

“Mr. Light, will you be dyeing eggs this week?”

–4th grader

“Have you ever asked Alexa if she farted?”

–4th grader

“Tchaikovsky? Did he invent the cha-cha?”

–6th grader

“Why is your piano dusty?”


“How much dollars do you have?”


“Mr. Light, do you ever get to go out, or are you trapped at home with piano students all the time?”

–7th grader

“Mr. Light, How can you have only one TV in your house?”

–7th grader

“Mr. Light, Is your house haunted?”

–7th grader