Wit & Wisdom from the
Students of Daniel Light

Daniel Light

Louisville, Kentucky

Teaching piano is my passion and my career. Students frequently delight me with their comments--often hilarious, sometimes witty, occasionally sweet and tender. Here are some of those gems. 


“That piece doesn’t spark joy for me.”

–4th grader

“I would say that piece is vanilla, but I actually like vanilla. Let’s just call it a poopy piece.”

–7th grader

“Whole notes are kind of fancy.”

–1st grader

“Eighth grade is pretty intense. I’m not a fan.”

–8th grader

“My duet partner wasn’t very chatty. Boys aren’t chatty with girls. Next time I want a girl partner.”

–3rd grade girl

“Mr. Light is right. Playing the piano does make you feel better when you’re sad, angry, or upset.”

–4th grader (Relayed to me by his mom.)

“You have the best job in the world, ’cause there’s no one bossing you around.”

–6th grader

“I hate the Pachelbel Canon! People think it’s fancy.”

–6th grader

“What color would you like?”

“Pink,” he answered. “Some boys at school said pink is only for girls.”

“They’re silly,” I replied. “Colors are for everybody.”

–1st grader

“We spend a lot of money at Kroger. Sometimes, over a hundred dollars!”

–2nd grader